Thank you for being here and for your understanding and empathy as I work through what has become the most difficult cross-section to date.   (Continued below)

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One of the biggest impacts you can make it to donate directly so that I can apply the money to our biggest needs.

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This money will go towards a hotel, other basic needs, and reducing debt in order to secure permanent housing.  Every single dollar helps. 

The power of words is undeniable.  All three of us would appreciate messages of encouragement, support, love, or motivation to help remind us that we are not alone.   (Also, if you have cards/stickers/paper for my Card Project, please send them here)

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Do you or someone you know have a safe and affordable place to live?  I have never been evicted.  I have no criminal record.  

Do you have a gift card or voucher for a hotel stay or own a vacant/second/vacation home where we could stay temporarily.  

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I am currently on a search for a laptop that the boys can use both for school.  If you happen to be getting rid of one, please let me know.  

Additionally, if you have other information, resources, or advice that I might find useful, please email me at

Donate to a charity that helps people in my situation or volunteer to a worthwhile cause.  While it does not help me directly, the lack of available help has been alarming.  Let's change the world. 


Do you have access to a truck or trailer and/or moving helpers?  Once I find a place to live, I will need help moving the belongings I was able to put into storage thanks to my sisters.

Once we are in a place and settled, I am so excited to go back to taking donations of items like leftover craft supplies, vintage/antique wares and treasures, and more.  This multi-purpose mission to save the planet, remind people of memento mori, self express, and more he....) .  But right now, I cannot take on anything.

Let's lift each other up.  I started a Card Project to uplift, inspire, and motivate homeless families and people living isolated in nursing homes.  I also have a website to help anyone struggling with grief, trauma, or stress, or  who is looking for ways to increase emotional intelligence and overall well-being:  free information and resources at

THANK YOU for reading this  far.

THANK YOU for supporting me and my family.

THANK YOU for helping us.

THANK YOU for being you.  

This was originally at the top, but I decided to move it to the bottom to get the list to the forefront and my ranting to the end.

The road to get here has been a long, hard one.  Becoming a homeless single mother was not my goal.  Though, now that I am here, I could not be more grateful for the lessons I learned to bring me to this point.  Being in this situation has also opened my eyes to the incredible need to change the world.  There is a housing shortage, financial crisis, and so much ignorance and greed in the world.  I believe that if we all allow ourselves the vulnerability of self-reflection in order to grow and change, the world would be a better place.  I also believe that my experiences and struggles can be an example to other In order to achieve this goal.


Unfortunately, both of my children have chronic medical issues that have required expensive care, including but not limited to specialist visits, routine and emergency medications, five separate week-long hospital stays, an out-of-network ambulance ride, two sleep studies, trips to the emergency room, so many prescriptions, and more.


Losing our home and many of our possessions has been a difficult reality to face, one that I have kept to myself because of shame and other reasons, but the reality is my children deserve a place to call home and I desperately want to give it to them.

The stress of living day-to-day in survival mode and being unable to give my children a home is physically draining and, at times, feels completely overwhelming.   When it begins to feel like too much to handle, I am grateful to have the sense of mind to refer back to the resources and tools that help: If you are struggling mentally, I hope the information gives you strength, too. 

Thank you in advance for any help you can give.  


To note, I have never been evicted, I have no criminal record, and I do not drink, smoke, or do drugs.   I am unable to secure housing because my credit score and income are too low and my debt-to-income ratio is too high.  I am working towards bettering myself financially in order to qualify for a place to live.

By purchasing an item from my store or by making a direct donation to support my family, you will not only help a single mother and her two sons, you will also help us help others.


If you are unable to help financially, I implore you to please share our story and store, or help us in any of the ways listed on this page - some of which cost no money and take very little time. 

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for any help you can give.